Experience the Art of Caring

At Unitix Luxury Med Spa Club, we provide luxurious body treatments that cause you to enjoy your life much better.

Skin care

A body skin care is like a facial for your whole body. The basic idea is to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate all of you, not just the skin that is on your face. By doing this, your whole body will feel softer, smoother and much more relaxed than before.

Fitness, collagen and lifting

Discover the list of all Unitix machines for burning fat and making muscles. These machines will work on your fat area and burn them without any exercises. Indeed, Unitix has the best methods for making collagen that causes your skin body will lift simultaneously.

Shaping and slimming

Unitix will help you get a good shape if you have fat just in some are of your body. Our machines can burn them and shape them as long as you are seating.


Weight management

Due to the rising obesity rates in many parts of the world, proper weight management strategies most often focused on achieving healthy weight through slow but steady weight loss, followed by maintenance of an ideal body weight overtime. Unitix will help to achieve your goal by analysing wight machine and nutrition consultants.



We have all the best massage deals for treatment, slimming, and relaxing. Indeed, if you may need help for choosing an appropriate massage our professional consultant will help you to choose the best.

Our relaxing massage has different types as well such as Stone massage, Aroma massage, and Foot massage.


Improving aesthetic appeal, symmetry and proportion are the key goals. We will help you to have a world-class cosmetic. Our professionals will make you up.