Experience the Art of Caring

At Unitix Luxury Med Spa Club, we provide luxurious body treatments that cause you to enjoy your life much better.

Skin care

Body skin care is like a facial for your whole body. The same basics apply- cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating. Your whole body will feel softer, smoother and much more relaxed than before.

Fitness, collagen and lifting

Discover all machines Unitix has for burning fat and making muscles. These machines will work on your fat area, burning calories without any exercises. Indeed, Unitix has the best methods for making collagen that naturally causes your skin to lift everywhere on your body.

Shaping and slimming

We can help treat specific areas of fat you might have with our machines that are able to target and treat problem areas.


Weight management

Due to the rising obesity rates in many parts of the world, proper weight management strategies most often focus on achieving healthy weight through slow but steady weight loss, followed by maintenance of an ideal body weight overtime. Unitix can you help to achieve your goals using state of the art technology that provide analysis of your body. Working with a consultant and nutrition expert we will help design a plan.



Massage is an important tool in self care. It can help relax you, alleviate muscle tension and pain and works with the body to facilitate a better flow of energy leaving you will an improved sense of well-being. Unitix offers a wide range of massages that will provide treatment, advance slimming or simply help you to disconnect from the world to reconnect with you. We offer popular methods as Stone, Aroma or Foot massage. Our team of consultants would be happy work with you to make sure you select the right one for you.


Once you have achieved inner wellness, making sure you feel look your best is also something Unitix can help you with. We can advance you on how to increase your aesthetic appeal by focussing on symmetry and proportion. Our cosmeticians use products from around the world to enhance your natural beauty and bring into sharper focus your best features.